I. What Is Telehealth?

Behavioral Telehealth involves the delivery of psychological services via technologies such as telephones, video conferencing, and the internet.

II. How Does Telehealth Work?

To talk with Dr. Podolin via video conferencing, you will need to schedule a time with him and log in to his virtual waiting a few minutes before your scheduled appointment.   Once Dr. Podolin sees you in the virtual waiting room he will start the video session.  Dr. Podolin uses as his telehealth platform. is a HIPPA compliant, encrypted platform.

III. How Does Telehealth Compare To Traditional Therapy?  

Telehealth and in-person therapy offer unique benefits.  In-person therapy involves face-to-face interactions in a neutral space away from everyday life with full access to nonverbal cues.  Some mental health needs require direct, in-person therapeutic services.  Telehealth allows for connecting to a therapist from virtually anywhere in an environment of your choosing.  Seeing a client's environment can often be helpful to a therapist.   Video conferencing comes with reliance on an internet connection.  The convenience of telehealth needs to be weighed against occasional technology glitches that sometimes occur.

IV. Is Telehealth Effective?

In a 2020 article published by the American Psychological Association, Dr. Mohr, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Behavioral Interventions Technologies at Northwestern University concluded, "What we've seen is that telehealth is essentially just as effective as face-to-face psychotherapy -and retention rates are higher."  It's unclear whether audio-only care over the phone is as effective as videoconferencing.    The complete article from the American Psychological Association is available here.


V.  What Can I Do To Have The Best Possible Telehealth Session

-Choose a private, quiet location with plenty of light, minimal distractions, and with a reliable internet connection

-Make sure you computer or device is steady

-Stay focused on your appointment

-Be ready to write down ideas or homework that may be suggested

VI.  What Is The Next Step To Scheduling An Initial Telehealth Session With Dr. Podolin?

Contact Dr. Podolin by email or voicemail to discuss the problem you are experiencing to determine if services  via Telehealth are appropriate and likely to be effective.

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