Anxiety Disorders

Dr. Podolin has specialized treatment anxiety disorders with biofeedback training, cognitive restructuring, and exposure therapy. Dr. Podolin has found that many people with anxiety disorders are highly sensitive, intelligent individuals with a drive towards perfection. These individuals often focus on perceived shortcomings and pleasing others. Dr. Podolin begins treatment with education about the hard- wired “fight-flight” responses and then assesses why this response is being activated within the client . Dr. Podolin frequently addresses anxiety disorders by changing perspective about stressors, by strengthening relaxation ability, and by gradual exposure to situations being avoided.

Common anxiety disorders that Dr. Podolin treats include: Generalized Anxiety Disorders, Social Anxiety, Test Anxiety, Specific Phobias and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Dr. Podolin is an affiliate of the CHAANGE program which focuses on cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety disorders.

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